Takeout Waiter Opening 9th Location of 2016 in Macomb County Michigan Nov 1st

Why Your Favorite Restaurant Needs Delivery
December 27, 2016

Takeout Waiter Opening 9th Location of 2016 in Macomb County Michigan Nov 1st

Restaurant delivery services are at an all-time high in big cities like Chicago and Detroit, but Takeout Waiter – under the management of Ron and Diana Suarez – offers its services to more rural areas, including Macomb County, MI.

“Investing in this business model, and bringing it to our area was really a no-brainer,” Ron said. “Most restaurants don’t offer delivery, and if they do, it’s typically pizza or Chinese food. Takeout Waiter serves people the five-star food they want right to their door.”

The Suarez’s have been working with CEO Mike Handy for the past two months learning the idiosyncrasies of the Restaurant Marketing and Delivery industry, visiting restaurants and signing them up for the service. To date, they have inked marketing and delivery agreements with Chili’s, Rayz, Abby Lane Gourmet Burgers, Wing Stars, Tazza Mediterranean, Seeburger’s Cheeseburgers, Harbor House, Greek Pantheon, Gnocchi, Crazy Gringo Mexican Cantina, Great Lakes Family Dining, and Bangkok City Thai. They expect at least 8 to 10 more to sign before opening.

“This is the perfect service for what our restaurant needs,” Crazy Gringo owner Tom Vasilos said. “It’s a win, win, win for everyone. People call me and ask if we deliver all the time, but we just can’t. This way, we get new customers, Takeout Waiter gets business, and most importantly, people get the food they want taken to them.”

So, how does it work?

When you’re hungry and don’t want to leave the house, log on to www.takeoutwaiter.com and click the Macomb County, MI link. From there, enter the time that you would like the food delivered and where, then view restaurants.

Once you decide on a restaurant, their menu will appear onscreen. Choose what you’d like and a virtual Takeout Waiter will ask questions about your chosen dish. There is also a place to write in special requests.

The order will appear on the top right of the screen along with the total, including a fixed $4.99 delivery fee. Once the order is complete, click checkout, choose the amount of gratuity, payment method and place your order. A message will then be sent to Takeout Waiter’s dispatch, where they will confirm the order with the restaurant and assign a professional mobile waiter.

Email confirmations are sent when the order is placed, picked up and on its way for delivery.

There is a $20 minimum food order, and remember, your certified Takeout Waiter – just like restaurant waiters – work primarily for tips. The service allows for customers to create an account and accumulate loyalty points.

“We guarantee that your order will be correct, hot and fresh, and arrive on time,” Ron said. “Our waiters verify each item on your order, and pack it in an insulated warming case, or cooler, depending if it needs to stay hot or cold while in transit. Once delivered, you will receive an e-receipt via email.”

Takeout Waiter delivers from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

Like and follow Takeout Waiter of Macomb County, MI on social media for coupons, new restaurant partnership announcements, and a special code for $5 off your first order. For questions during the ordering process, call (586) 797-9030.

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