Delivery Driver Management

“Restaurant Delivery USA is not a delivery service. We provide services and supplies to the Restaurant Delivery Industry Drivers and Marketing Companies. Our goal is to assist our growing industry with quality tools and services to comply and profit”

The Driver/Contractor Management Experts

Over the years, the traditional 1099 format for working with independent contractor drivers has NOT been upheld during regulatory audits for primarily two reasons:
1)The Law of Integration:
  • If you pay drivers to work for you, YOU ARE A DELIVERY COMPANY. Therefor drivers are integral to the success of your business.
2)The drivers are not truly in business forthemselves:
  • They have no businesslicense
  • They have no significant investment into THEIRbusiness
  • They have no ability to realize a profit or aloss
  • They DID NOT advertise their business to the general public and have multipleclients
At RDUSA, we will facilitate a business model for your services that creates a legally sound relationship where drivers can truly operate in a self-employed capacity! And to answer your question… YES! The drivers’ employment status has been challenged and upheld.

About RDUSA Driver Management

Restaurant Delivery USA has been servicing and supporting self-employed catering and delivery professional across the United States for the past 20 years, providing their services to corporate and residential customers of America’s TOP Restaurants along with:<

  • Running a successful program for over 20 years (1997-2016)
  • The ONLY third-party support system especially designed for the restaurant delivery industry
  • Processing more than 730,000 annual deliveries
  • Processed $15 million dollars in settlements in 2013
  • Agile program that can be facilitated anywhere in The United States
  • Innovate Technology to simplify contractor management
  • TESTED AND PROVEN business model
  • Providing cost-effective insurance programs for our clients and drivers
The business model that RDUSA facilitates revolves around the fact that the drivers with whom RDUSA contracts earn their income exclusively from their customer. The customers that order food will not only pay the drivers’ gratuities but the delivery fee as well. FROM this gross delivery fee, RDUSA arranges agreements with the self-employed drivers where they negotiate fees with both RDUSA and your company who will be brokering delivery jobs for them.

What are these negotiated fees the drivers will pay?
The drivers pay RDUSA for our HR services (insurance administration, book-keeping/accounting of their business, annual tax work, etc.) for their business. We handle not only the collection of delivery fees but the drivers also agree to let RDUSA deduct any and all business expenses on their behalf. This works out in the drivers favor when it comes time to file taxes. The other negotiated fee from the driver is to your company for marketing out the drivers services. You go out and find the driver a customer and they pay you a negotiated fee for finding them a client.
The financial benefits for any company that contracts with RDUSA are extensive.

By utilizing the services of self-employed drivers in the RDUSA program, your company can legally mitigate the following employment related expenses…

  • FICA Taxes
  • FUTA Taxes
  • State Disability Taxes
  • Unemployment Taxes
  • Workers compensation Premiums
  • Any other employment-related liabilities (example: Excise Tax)

RDUSA Program Features

1)Complete Compliance Consulting
  • Driver Education Programs (online standards video)
  • Dedicated Account Manager to train your staff on the do’s and don’ts of working with self-employed drivers
  • Operations consulting (scheduling, hiring/firing, dispatching, etc.)
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Review
  • Marketing Review (website, menu guides, coupons, etc.)
  • Legal R&D working with Kevin Donaghy Attorney Firm
2) Manpower
  • Full Service Staffing Program (running ads, fielding calls, scheduling interviews, etc.)
  • Improve Legal Compliance & Solidify your firm’s status as a marketing agency
  • Committed team of recruiting professionals
  • Staff training (how to operate the IC model correctly)
3) HR/Administration
  • Contract & Paperwork Administration
  • DMV Screening
  • Felony/Misdemeanor Background Check Program
  • Driver Income/Employment Verification
  • Driver Wage Garnishment & Withholding Orders
4) Insurance Programs
  • Hired, Non-Owned Auto Liability (Claims and renewal Support)
  • Driver Occupational Accident (Injury) Insurance
  • Driver Health Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, etc.)
  • Dedicated Insurance Manager to manage any claim
5) Driver Payments & Accounting
  • Weekly Direct Deposit Processing & Distribution
  • 1 on 1 Tax Consulting
  • Annual Profit & Loss Statements Review
  • Web Based Driver Tax Meetings
  • Direct Deposit for active RDUSA drivers
  • Live customer service


We charge the RDS a small initial fee to set up your drivers on our management system. Our ongoing fees for driver management are taken out of the delivery fee paid to the driver. Average fee paid by driver from their portion of the delivery fee is .49 cents. Contact us for an exact quote.

Benefits of working with RDUSA…

Getting Started

Getting Started with RDUSA is very easy. Whether you are a startup or you are switching an existing group of drivers to the RDUSA program, RDUSA will facilitate the transition/setup of the business model. Depending upon dynamics specific to your business, the set up can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Once started, your transition will include…
  • Online transition & Web based education meetings with the drivers
  • Operations staff compliance training (managers, dispatchers, etc.)
  • Initial-Startup Compliance Review (marketing materials, accounting, operations, etc.)
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