We've Made Headlines Helping People Just Like You Launch and Operate Successful Restaurant Delivery Services!

Start Your Own RDS - 2004

This was the very first video we released to let people know that we had mastered the art of setting up and operating a successful RDS. Since then, the video has been viewed over 25,000 times, and RDUSA has accounted for over $2 million in consulting sales resulting in over $20 million in annual sales for our clients.

Franchising the Model – 2008

When Mike Handy, the founder and CEO of was in charge, this was the fastest growing, most successful RDS system in the world. The company continued to increase annual sales in the tens of millions until he sold to his investors. After selling GoWaiter in 2013, the franchise system changed names and eventually dissolved as a franchise. Takeout Waiter is now the only proven franchise system available today, and was also developed and managed by the same Founder of GoWaiter, CEO Mike Handy.

And in Other News…
RDUSA is passionate about two things:
  • The multi-restaurant delivery business model we have developed over the past 20+ years, and
  • Helping people just like you adopt and share our passion in order to run successful RDSs of your very own.

We continue to make headlines in notable spaces like Small Business Opportunity magazine as well as online authorities such as We want you to research the team behind RDUSA prior to investing because we realize people invest in people, not companies We know you’ll ultimately find out you are in the right place. When you invest in our team of professionals, you will always know you have made an investment in yourself as well. Our full listing of satisfied clients included during your initial consultation.

So, we’ve tried to include all the information you could ever possibly need in one place to help you make an informed decision. Read the articles above and below. Then, contact the RDUSA team to lock in your territory. We are ready when you are!

What do Restaurant Partners Say?

Mike Handy, our Founder, started GoWaiter in 2010 and with the help of Roger Warren, VP of Restaurant Partnering, signed up over 750 restaurants nationwide with an average of 28% commission.

These are just a few restaurant partners that understand the benefits of using a “professional” Restaurant Delivery Service.

What Happened to GoWaiter?

Under the leadership of Mike Handy, GoWaiter successfully opened over 30 locations in 3 years throughout the USA and did over $2 million in sales in multiple locations tracking close to $20 million in annual sales.

GoWaiter was sold in late 2013 to investors that wanted new leadership and a new direction. After changing their name, software and leadership team, they lasted about 24 months before dissolving their corporate offices and shutting down many of their franchised locations.

In 2016 Mike Handy started Takeout Waiter Inc, and has opened 7 new franchised locations, is in the process of converting 6 current delivery services to the national franchise, has 4 new franchises scheduled to open in early 2017 and has plans to open over 100 franchises in the USA over the next 3 to 5 years.