RDS Software

Power Your New Multi-Restaurant Delivery Service with the Best Software in Our Industry!

A Beautifully Designed, Responsive, Intelligent Website...

You’ll make an immediate positive impact on your community with your brand new robust, modern ecommerce site that’s chock-full of integrated features, including editable restaurant menus, custom mouth-watering scroll-over images for each item, welcome message dashboard, new partnership announcements, business hours, customer comments section, and step-by-step ordering instructions for site visitors. Not only that, but the layout is completely responsive and mobile-friendly, which slim4vit funciona best 400 watt pure sine wave inverter means your customers will have the option of ordering right from their smartphone, and enjoying a seamless experience no matter which device they choose. Just upload logos, customize your site’s color scheme, add a custom welcome message, and you’re ready to start!

Themed Menu Designs

Give each of your restaurant menus a facelift with any of our beautiful, pre-designed menu themes. Currently, you’ll be able to spice things up while choosing from an Italian, Asian, Mexican (with modern and traditional variations), BBQ, Bar & Grill, or Seafood template. If you don’t see one you like, feel free to make a request!

Custom-Branded iPhone and Android Apps

Allow your customers to place their orders right from their iPhones with the custom Takeout Waiter app, branded with your city’s name and aesthetic logo. All you need is an App Store account, and we take care of the rest!

Custom Sub-Domains

Give each of your restaurant menus its own URL; something like “joespizza.bringmefood.com”. Increase traffic to your site by allowing your restaurants to link from their websites, directly to their menus on your site.

VendorNet™ Login System

Partnering restaurant owners and/or managers will be issued their own usernames and passwords enabling them to edit their menus whenever an update or change is necessary. They’ll have the on-demand control they deserve, and you’ll have much more time to really focus on your operational excellence!

YouMenu Mobile App

Allow your restauranteurs to add, edit, and/or remove photos and menu items right from their smartphones. Available for both iPhone and Android platforms.

Take Online & Phone Orders

While most customers will order online, the back end of the software also allows you to manually enter orders placed by call-in customers just as easily. More options equals more happy customers!

Built-In Order Email and/or Faxing

You’ll have the freedom and ability to review, edit, email and/or fax orders directly to your restaurants as soon as they are placed. Send up to ten free faxes a day, and once your volume exceeds that, the cost is only 2.5 cents per page.

Integrated Driver Communication

Your new software also supports a powerful interface for managing and communicating with your drivers in real-time, allowing you to see the status and time lapsed for all orders at any point. You’ll manage your drivers exclusively through the system, and if necessary, provide Google Maps™ from point-to-point with simple drag-and-drop capabilities (also enables easy assignment of each order to a specified driver). In turn, status updates are sent via driver app which automatically notifies the system, dispatcher on duty, and customer.

Delivery Area Zoning

Set delivery zones for specific areas, and rates are automatically generated by the system when a customer enters their account information. Block and/or charge extra for certain zones, or on a per-restaurant basis.

Precision Tracking & Reporting

Instantly generate reports slim4vit funciona best 400 watt pure sine wave inverter for virtually any information you can imagine. Easily populate information on driver collections/debts, daily spreadsheet reports, cash-flow, restaurant accounts payable, and even see credit card transactions through a virtual terminal with just a few clicks.


You’ll be operating the best software in the industry for 10 years straight! This is the engine of your service, and comes included with our turnkey package.

Set Up costs only $250 and takes less than 5 days. No monthly fee, just a per order fee starting at .20 cents per order and as low as .10 cents per order based on your growth. Includes all updates, tech support and App support.

For a comparative analysis of competitor sites, or to demo the back-end management portion of your new software, please contact us.