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We have been starting restaurant delivery services and successfully generating millions in sales since 1997, and have helped open over 100 meal delivery services that total well over $50 million in sales annually… and growing. The list includes Door Step Delivery, Gator Food, Order-In,, GoWaiter, GrubTaxi , Mobile Waiters, Takeout Waiter, Dinner Delivered, Grub Cab, Takeout Butler, The Meal Man, Eats Delivered, Vroom Service, Aloha To Go, Charleston Delivers, Capital City Food, and many more.

We understand that every company starts with a financial budget that needs to be controlled in order to be successful, but we also know from client feedback that our services are invaluable, saving them months of time and thousands in money that would have been wasted on trial and error.

The fact is, this industry is much more difficult than it looks. Signing up restaurants, finding good drivers (that stick around), working the Independent Contractor model (legally), building a “profitable” business model and proforma, training dispatchers, accounting, restaurant relations, and most of all marketing can be areas that, if not handled correctly from the start, will be the downfall of your company.

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