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RDUSA Turnkey Recipients Absolutely Love Talking About How Much We Helped Them!

RDUSA's Business Model is Synonymous with Restaurant Delivery Done Right!

So you think you have a challenging market, or need us to tweak our model in a way that best fits your specific area? No problem! We have seen and heard every situation, and served them all. From setting up meal delivery services, catering-only businesses, to structuring hotel room services only as well as grocery delivery businesses in every demographic and market-size imaginable. We’ve served clients both abroad and here in the US at beach-side vacation destinations, large metropolitan areas (L.A, Vegas & Chicago), and even set up a great service on a small island getaway that uses specialized food delivery scooters.

Contact RDUSA, and we’ll customize our model so that it complements your market and lifestyle perfectly.

Thanks to All Our Turnkey Clients Still Working the Model!

We are proud to say that our very first customer, Phil Norton – Mobile Waiters – in Atlanta, is not just still in business today, he now runs one of the most successful Restaurant Delivery Services in America. Managing over 30 drivers per shift, and bringing in millions in revenue per year, we’d like to thank Phil for epitomizing the RDUSA business model.

He continues to push the envelope, and actually keeps improving upon it. With Phil’s help, we have continually evolved our business model with the most current best practices, tools, and vendors.

We love Phil’s response when new or struggling RDS owners ask him what the secret to his success is, and he simply replies “Just work the model! That’s what I do.”

Thanks again, Phil!