Turnkey RDS Package (TakeoutWaiter.com)

RDUSA's All-Inclusive Turnkey Restaurant Delivery Service Package

We’ve been helping people just like you start and successfully operate restaurant delivery services that have continued to generate millions in sales since 1997. More specifically, of the more than 100 services – totalling well over $50 million in sales annually – that continue to grow because of our specific business model include: DoorStepDelivery.com, GatorFood.com, Order-In, OrderUp.com, GoWaiter, Grubhub.com, Mobile Waiters, Takeout Waiter, Dinner Delivered, Grub Cab, Takeout Butler, The Meal Man, Eats Delivered, Vroom Service, Aloha To Go, Charleston Delivers, Capital City Food, and many more! Are you the next success story waiting to be told?

We understand that the success of your company starts with a financial budget that needs to be carefully monitored and controlled in order to be successful, but we also know – from client feedback – that our services save months of precious time and thousands of dollars otherwise wasted on trial and error.

The simple truth is this industry is much more difficult than it looks on the surface. Carefully analyzing your specific market for RDS feasibility, possessing the correct startup documents, properly contracting restaurants, finding good drivers (that stick around) by working the Independent Contractor model (legally), building a profitable business model and proforma, training dispatchers, accounting, ongoing restaurant relations, and – most importantly – marketing can all be areas that, if not handled correctly from the start, will certainly be the downfall of your RDS. Your path to success begins here!

Request a consultation with Restaurant Delivery USA, and we’ll be glad to discuss the qualification and market feasibility processes with you.


This package is designed to provide those of you who possess a coachable mindset, and an insatiable willingness to master the skills necessary to open and operate a successful Restaurant Marketing & Delivery Service. RDUSA’s business model is the reason why this industry is so successful (Amazon Prime just restructured it’s business model to mirror ours across-the-board)l, and we will teach you why it ‘works’ for everyone involved; why over 1,000 of America’s best restaurants have partnered with us from periods

– Driver Contracting, Legal IC Understanding, Management, etc.

These documents are a must. We’ve invested over $50,000 consulting with the best labor law firm in the nation, and these are the documents required to operate a legal third-party RDS with independent contractors/delivery waiters. Not only do we have those documents you will need in order to execute the Independent Contractor model correctly, your turnkey package also includes industry-specific tools to track driver income and availability. We promote professionalism by implementing expectations and standards to which your independently contracted professional mobile waiters should strictly adhere. You will also have the necessary templates to place your ‘Drivers Wanted ads’, where to place them, and exactly what to put in the ad to bring in the right kind of delivery waiters. From there, RDUSA continues Independent Contractor Training & Education programs. We teach them the art of maximizing their income as a professional delivery waiter, which in turn, maximizes and expedites the return on your investment as well.

– Financial Spreadsheets, Sample P & L, Start Up Costs, Proforma, etc.

Just because customers are willing to pay a delivery fee, doesn’t mean you can make money operating a delivery service. You need to understand what the standard fees are in the industry, what people are willing to pay, what you can charge legally, and how much the restaurants are willing to pay for the extra sales. Our proforma of profitability worksheet will show you exactly how much you can make per delivery, how many deliveries you need in order to pay your bills, and further, to provide a comfortable lifestyle. Our spreadsheets include startup costs with equipment, insurance, rent, utilities, a sample P & L statement from an actual – currently profitable – RDS, online end of day worksheet that tracks your earnings, daily balances, and more.

– Vendors: Where to get insurance (the policy you should purchase), bags, printing, toppers, etc.

We know exactly what insurance covers you as an RDS owner/operator, and the type of policy independent contractors need, costs, and which ones corporate restaurant brands require. In addition we have a list of the best suppliers within our industry that give us pre-authorized corporate pricing on all TakeoutWaiter.com delivery bags, car toppers, door hangers, printed flyers, room service keycard inserts, post card mailers, etc… not to mention we only partner with vendors that value our fiduciary responsibility to our TakeoutWaiter.com clients, and are committed to excellence and customer service just like we are.

– Marketing and Advertising. What works, where to go, how well it works, how much it costs, etc.

You can spend a fortune ‘getting your name out there’ without showing any return on that investment. The key to growing your business is marketing. Without beautifully designed, and strategically distributed inbound and outbound marketing that includes the proper message, you can literally waste thousands.

RDUSA’s turnkey package includes samples of – and templates to design your own – menu guides, flyers, post cards and brochures that have proven to drive sales and guarantee orders from customers in their homes, offices, and hotel rooms. Our printing partner is the best – bar none! When it comes to a quality product , no one else even comes close. Stellar customer service, and down-to-earth staff are just icing on the cake. We wouldn’t trust the TakeoutWaiter.com brand to any other printer.

– Restaurant Contracts and Restaurant Partnership Presentation Material.

We provide you with restaurant partner contracts that not only outline the responsibilities of both parties, but also purport to the restaurant that you are, in fact, a professional without scaring them with too much legal ‘mumbo jumbo’. In addition to the restaurant agreement, we provide everything you need to present to restaurants in order to convince them that you deserve a commission of the sales you bring them. The material includes a slide deck presentation, a list of reasons why they should partner with you, a worksheet that shows them how they will profit even after your commission, a list of frequently asked questions with the answers restaurant owners need/want to hear, a list of common objections (e.g. “My food doesn’t travel well,” etc…) and rock-solid answers that turn an objection into a deal. Here is our blog about restaurant partnering. Want more? Okay. How about the fact RDUSA comes to your town, and shows you how to use all of this by signing your first restaurants for you?

– Hotel Room Service Program.

Hotels love offering their guests the amenity of room service, and your service will be the hospitality doctor’s feature while giving his schpiel to patrons. We provide you with everything you need to implement a room service program.

– Corporate Lunch Catering Program.

Want to tap into the network of pharmaceutical sales reps when they come calling on the medical professionals in your town? How about company business luncheons? We give you everything you need to capture large lunch orders.

– Opening Timeline & Tasks spreadsheet.

A step-by-step, week-by-week, actionable tasks opening plan with an office layout, supplies needed, and operations manual.

– Web Software.

Website, Order Entry, Menu Mgmt., Reporting, Dispatching, Accounting & Marketing. Everything you need to manage your business from marketing to order entry, to driver management & accounting. See a sample at greenwood.sample at westorlando.takeoutwaiter.com, or readmore about our RDS Software here.

*This package is for the serious entrepreneur who is willing to invest in “doing things right,” without trying to reinvent the wheel. We teach you the RDUSA business model flourishing right now in multiple markets. We work with you and sometimes – at least initially – even do the work for you. RDUSA deliverables included in each turnkey package itemized below…


– 4 day Restaurant Delivery Industry and Business Model Training​ – Classroom Style or Web-based

– 2 day in-market hands-on operational training – At a current client’s RDS. You will learn by watching, then doing.

– 4 hours of RDS Software set up and training (Web-based)

– 5 Days on-site Restaurant Signing & Negotiations Training

– 5 Days on-site Grand Opening Preparation and Opening Day Assistance

Business Start Up (Planning & Documents)

– Assistance with developing your specific business plan, marketing plan, and opening timeline

– Assistance with office location, floor plan, and lease agreement negotiations

– Assistance with legal entity set up, Business Licenses, and RMDS Insurance

Restaurant Marketing and Contract Negotiations

– We contact the local restaurants, and provide them with a sales packet and samples

– We set up appointments and mail support materials to restaurants, and then present to them with you present

– We send a professional partnership expert to your location for 5 days to meet with restaurant decision makers, close deals and most importantly, train you how to partner with restaurants for years to come.

RDS Software and Set Up

– Initial Training on how to set up your territory, restaurants, menus, fees and drivers

– 4 hours of training (via webinar)

– Ongoing Software Support & Updates

– Menu Entry into the system (first 5 restaurants)

– Front Page Logo and color scheme set up

Initial Driver Equipment & Set Up for 10 drivers

– Insulated Delivery Bags (2 per driver)

– Driver Badges, Shirts and Aprons

– Driver Background & DMV report checks

– Driver Training and QRDD Training (Qualified Restaurant Delivery Driver)

– Independent Contractor paperwork and program (including DMV reports for 10 drivers)

Grand Opening Assistance

– Press Release (your story) Distributed to over 300 media outlets

– Training at your location for your dispatchers and drivers

– Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor and local media (when possible)

– Organize Friends and Family Day – Mock Opening

– Social Media and SEO Set up

Initial Marketing & Advertising Blitz

– Implement Social Media Campaign and opening blitz

– Graphic Design & Printed Material Business Cards, Post Cards, Restaurant Signs, Brochures & Flyers)

– Initial 5,000 Every Door Direct Mailing to target customers (EDDM)

– Corporate Catering Brochures and Ads

– Room Service Program and Printed Cards

– Google AdWords Program and Reports Set Up


– QuickBooks (online) Set Up

– RDS Friendly Chart of Accounts Set Up

– Driver Payroll Set Up

– Restaurant Payables Set Up

– Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports Set Up

Mentoring Program

– Will match you up with successful RDS owners in other markets to network with

– 6 Month Membership to Association of Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Professionals (ARDMAP)

Ongoing Coaching & Consulting

– Weekly calls with RDS professionals

– Access to industry updates and news

– Monthly Review for first 6 months

– SWOT analysis after 3 months, and again after 6 months to reassess goals​

If you are interested in becoming part of a national franchise restaurant delivery service (Takeout Waiter), please ask for more information here.